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High-Quality Pest Control Solutions

Residential Pest Control In Mumbai

The elimination of the pest from the housing area and locality is very important. You need to be very particular about these unwanted pests that damage your property as well as cause many diseases need to be strictly prohibited. Our pest control services vision tends to create a healthy environment by eliminating these pests with our services and solutions.



The best pest control services located in Navi Mumbai which is a 9001: 2000 certified company. We provide you the best services for pest control and floor maintenance. Since, 29 years we have been constantly serving you with the various pest control solution that includes residential pest control, commercial pest control, termite treatment, bed bug control, mosquitoes and fly control, fogging bird control, rodent control, cockroach control and ant control services. We use highly recommended odorless, high-quality and safe chemicals for specific pest control. Our team is highly professional and trained in their work and deliver you with the best services. Our team members can overcome all the challenges and use modern techniques to meet the client’s requirements. To avail highly recommended pest control services at affordable prices in Navi Mumbai, NCR you can contact our team.

We are well known in our services and offer high-quality and standard services in India. Our environment needs to be kept clean, hygienic and healthy by controlling these unwanted pests to build up around us. We provide services throughout Navi Mumbai NCR and deliver the most effective solution according to your circumstances. We have been a constant choice for our pest control solutions in Navi Mumbai NCR from the past 29 years.


Need not to worry or panic if you find termites or the traces of their damage to your property. We are a complete solution to your problem. Modern Pest Control services will get you rid of all the problems. We specialize in Pre & Post Construction Termite treatment providing you termite inspections and control services. The modern termites require special skills and experience to get rid of it and avoid all the disasters caused.

Bed bugs are small, flat, wingless insects with six legs that, like mosquitoes, feed on blood from animals or people. Bedbugs got their name because they are most likely to hide in bedding and mattresses. They are often found in hotels, hostels, shelters, and apartment complexes where people visit daily or most likely live. They hide in small crevices; they can find their way to your home on luggage, through pets, furniture, clothing, boxes, and other objects.


Mosquitoes are the most irritating and cause many serious diseases. They are found everywhere in all the seasons and cause significant nuisance and severe health threats. They require proper integrated pest management that would invade inside the premises well and control adult mosquitoes breeding. Breeding places of mosquitoes should be treated with insecticides to control the growth further and prevent yourself from the diseases caused by them.

Rats and mice are the largest among all the other pests that you would find in commercial, warehouse factories or offices and they do the most damages. Mostly they damage the foodstuff and eatables, grains, etc. through their activities. They can chew hard materials like wood, concrete, electrical wiring, water pipes, computer cables, fabrics, etc. to stay alive. This cause great damages to products and hence need to be taken care of.

Cockroaches are prevalent throughout the world and are a major health risk and spread disease. They spread contamination through fecal matter on packaged goods or other products they are present and leave it unusable. This causes both serious hygiene issues as well as financial losses through the product damaging. Hence, they need to be treated immediately and stop further breeding. 

Ant species are spread worldwide and mainly destroy food and property. Since ants are considered for no threat but in many parts, the various species of ants can even sting and cause health risks and diseases. Hence, they need to be eliminated from the house.